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The Sparkular innovation was created in 2016 by Showven and solved the problem of using indoor pyro in small spaces where pyrotechnics just wouldn’t be safe to use or allowed by the venue.

The great thing about Sparkulars is that it is not classed as a pyrotechnic device which can burn at up to 1700 degrees. Another great feature is the control aspect of Sparkular and that it can be turned off during operation unlike a pyrotechnic Gerb.

At Mist-FX we stock a range of different Showven Sparkular products such as

Sparkular ||


 The Sparkular MK2 is the upgraded version of the original Sparkular but with better features and a better build quality. A quieter effect and a better feeding structure means you get a better effect! The Sparkular MK2 provides an upward pyrotechnic gerb effect.

Showven Sparkular || Specifications -

  • Adjustable effect up to 6m
    Low noise mode
    Optimised feeding structure, powerful motor,
    Motor status real time monitoring,
    New generation output tube, better effect
  • Aluminium top plate module, sturdy and durable
    Rainproof structure, can be used in rain
    Flat structure, better for stage layout

  • Individual safety DMX address

Sparkular Fall


The Showven Sparkular Fall works the same way as the Sparkular but instead the unit allows you to have sparks fall from above, providing you with a pyrotechnic waterfall effect but with smaller safety distances and great for small spaces! It also has the ability to be able to adjust the height to suit the space from 2m-7m.

Showven Sparkular Fall Specifications

  • Fall length from 2-7m with different  powder types
  • Up to 13-21min effects duration after fill up
  • Easy setup and teardown with multi locations
  • DMX can be started and stopped at any time
  • Switchable effects mode (Low Level/High Level)

Showven Sparkular Jets

The Sparkular jets provide a similar effect to a pyrotechnic jet in that it shoots out an instant hit of gold Sparks up to 10M high! 

Showven Sparkular Jet Specifications

  •  Effect similar to 1s fountain fireworks
  • No gunpowder, no pyro smell
  • Effect height up to 10m
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Multi internal safety design
  • DMX control, easy setup and installation

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