Whether it’s an indoor stage, an outdoor stage, a set piece or a handheld effect Mist-FX has a wide variety of Close proximity pyrotechnics or high altitude pyrotechnic solutions that are perfect for any event or media project looking to add a bang and create the visual impact your stage needs! Mist-FX can create fantastic pyrotechnic displays to add to your show /  stage. We use a variety of pyrotechnics such as – Gerbs, Jets, Mines, Comets, Robotics, Stage Flashes, Concussions, Waterfalls, Airbursts and many more. When it comes to wanting to add Pyrotechnics to your show we can either follow a rider you may have from an artist / performer or we can help you design it from scratch carefully selecting products suitable for your event space. Once we have arrived on site the Pyrotechnic racks are carefully prepared following all safety guidelines. 


We use Galaxis Pyrotechnic hardware to ensure the display is successfully fired, Galaxis is known for its reliability and safety which is why Mist-FX have invested into Galaxis hardware.

Galaxis Products we stock

Galaxis PFC


The Galaxis PFC is a completely  wireless controller which connects with Galaxis’s wireless receivers such as the PFE advanced 10 outputs to fire Pyro wirelessly and safely using Manchester Encoding to ensure there is no interference between Controller and receivers.

Galaxis PFC Specifications

  • Perfectly readable touchscreen in every environment and light condition
  • Fully integrated wireless solution
  • Interfaces: SMPTE Timecode, DMX512, USB, RS485 and RS232
  • All important device data of receivers of the Advanced series can be checked and programme Galaxis PFC Specifications
  • ed remotely (bi-directional communication)
  • Remote Switch Off, Sleep Mode and Wake-Up of Advanced receivers
  • Compatible to all other Galaxis devices
  • Fires an unlimited number of e-matches simultaneously
  • Fires up to 10 million independent effects

Galaxis PFE advanced 10 outputs


The Galaxis PFE advanced 10 outputs work seamlessly with the Galaxis PFC to fire the pyrotechnic products plugged into it. Although it only has 10 outputs Galaxis have 50 output and 100 way output plates that can be added on to the unit to expand the amount of outputs.

Galaxis PFE advanced 10 outputs Specifications

  • Absolutely waterproof (Standard IP65, if breather is replaced with a sealed screw IP67)
  • Extremely robust and thick-walled aluminium housing
  • All outputs can be programmed without any restrictions
  • Fully integrated wireless solution
  • Bi-directional communication and programming
  • Measures and displays the precise resistance of all outputs
  • Up to 100 firings per second possible
  • Integrated, high-brightness firing LEDs on each output for fast testing
  • Optional Sleep Mode available with up to 5 weeks stand-by time
  • Direct control of magnetic valves (24V)
  • Programmable firing duration
  • Numerous special functions for applications in the SFX area

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