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Whether it’s a horizontal flame, a vertical flame, a curved flame or a flame gun Mist-FX has a flame solution for you! Flames are a great way to heat things up and add the wow factor whether it’s a stage, a festival, a media shoot or a product launch we have just the thing! We have a variety of different flame products in stock whether you’re looking for a projected flame column up to 10M or a horizontal flame bar to go across a stage

Galaxis G flame hire


The Galaxis G flame is one of the industry standards when it comes to flame units. A completely wireless unit that can be used with a variety of different nozzles from Small up to Liquid nozzles, offering flame heights from 2M up to 7M tall on either internal gas cans or propane cylinders, with an internal battery and a wireless control system using Galaxis’s world renowned PFC controller you can heat things up just about anywhere! (That is safe to do so of course). The Galaxis G flame has a sleek black square design which makes it convenient to build into set pieces or mounting holes on the bottom to rig on to stages. With its interchangeable nozzles the Galaxis G flame is great for indoors and outdoors*


*(minimum safety distances must be adhered to at all times)

Galaxis G flame Specifications

  • Very versatile flame effect device due to various control inputs: DMX, 12-24V, ext. contact, radio and RS485
  • No mains voltage required, thanks to the integrated battery solution with up to 60 h stand-by time
  • Extremely weatherproof, can be used even in heavy rain without any problems
  • Operation with inexpensive aerosol cans, gas cans or gas cylinders possible
  • Fuel cans are completely encased in the housing and therefore well protected
  • Cartridge holder comes with non-return valves
  • Electronic flame monitoring by means of a highly selective optical sensor
  • Equipped with tilt sensor
  • Bi-directional communication with the controller PFC Advanced for remote programming and remote data requests
  • Prepared for quick mounting on stands and truss elements
  • Illuminated text display with convenient menu navigation
  • Optical warning when armed

Explo Flame gun hire


The Explo Flame gun ( also known as the Explo SFX torch ) is perfect for DJ’s, performers, artists and actors to interact with audiences and add the heat to a stage or media project! A hand held gun which shoots out flames from 1.5 – 3m long using gas cans attached to the unit and battery powered meaning its flexible solutions on all kinds of stages and sets.

Explo flame gun / SFX torch Specifications

  • Control: Handheld operation using on board battery activated by a safety key
  • Flame Height Output: 1.5m – 3m
  • Consumption: Cartridge Can

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