Looking to add a blast of colour to your event? Then our confetti products are perfect! Confetti is suitable to any type of event or production wether it is indoors our outdoors we can fire confetti in different yet suitable methods. We stock a variety of confetti and streamers that can be delivered in impactful bursts or gentle flurries. Fully customisable, colours, shapes, sizes, materials and printed options are available and can include logos and messages. We only use biodegradable Streamers and confetti.

Confetti Hardware we stock -

MagicFX Powershot


The MagicFX Powershot is Perfect for small spaces the Powershot unit can be mounted on truss or placed on a stage with variable angles it can be wired up to a controller to fire pre filled MagicFX confetti or streamer cannons.

MagicFX Powershot Specifications


Direct on-off using our MagicFX FX Comm4nder or via DMX using our MagicFX Switch Pack


MAGICFX® Electric cannons available to purchase from us

MagicFX StadiumBlaster



The MagicFX Stadium Blaster is a great way  to blow a large amount of confetti into medium to large sized spaces. It is powered using CO2 and can either be fired Manually, via DMX or wirelessly. The MagicFX Stadium Blaster can shoot up to 10KG of confetti up to 20 metres perfect for clubs, arenas, festivals and stadiums using CO2 to blow the confetti out.

MagicFX StadiumBlaster Specifications


DMX / Manual valve / 24 Vdc or using our Galaxis firing system wirelessly


MAGICFX® Confetti / Liquid CO2 


MAGICFX® Confetti: up to 20 kg / Liquid CO2: up to 0,5 kg/s 


Up to 20 m


MagicFX Stadiumshot



The MagicFX Stadiumshot || a much more powerful version of a powershot the Stadium shot is a very powerful confetti cannon that uses compressed air charged to 8 bars to shoot up to 2kg of confetti up to 20M or a large amount of streamers up to 40M! The MagicFX Stadium shot is perfect for large spaces where an instant shot of confetti is required.

MagicFX Stadiumshot Specifications


Direct power using our MagicFX FX Comm4nder / via DMX using our MagicFX Switchpack  or using our Galaxis firing system wirelessly


MAGICFX® Confetti / Streamers 


MAGICFX® Confetti: up to 3 kg / MAGICFX® Streamers: up to 25 bags 10 m x 1,5 cm / 12 bags 10 m x 5 cm / 8 bags 20 m x 5 cm


Confetti 20 m / Streamers 35 m / Stadium Streamers 40 m


MagicFX Swirlfan


The MagicFX Swirl fan is a great way of creating a “rain” of confetti. The MagicFX swirl fan is designed to be hung on trussing above stages, audiences or media shoots and has 360 degrees of output covering up to a 5M radius!

MagicFX Swirlfan Specifications


DMX with RDM 


MAGICFX® Confetti (up to Ø 55 mm) 


Paper confetti: up to 2 kg / Metallic confetti: up to 3 kg


Ø 5 m (spreads further depending on height) 


Controllable from 1-10 minutes


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