CONsumable sales

Confetti and streamer sales

At Mist-FX we stock a wide range of Magic FX confetti and streamer consumables available to buy such as loose confetti confetti cannons or printed custom confetti. All Magic FX confetti is biodegradable and flame proof certified.

Confetti Hardware we stock -

Biodegradable Confetti styles

Rectangles, rounds, stars, petals, butterflies, flowers, hearts, snowflakes and snow. All in a variety of colours

Metallic Confetti

Rectangles, rounds, stars, pixie dust, squares. Available in a variety of colours

Biodegradable streamers

We stock both Paper and metallic streamers in a variety of colours and sizes from 5mx0.85cm up to 20mx5cm

Confetti cannons

We stock all 3 sizes of handheld cannons (28cm, 50cm, 80cm) and electric confetti cannons in both 50 cm and 80 cm all of these can be loaded with any of the above confetti or streamer styles and colours

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