With unpredictable weather in the UK we can’t always hold snow themed events when it snows which is why at Mist-FX we stock some fantastic Snow machine units to add the Snow to your event no matter the season!

MagicFX Snowcase

The MagicFX Snowcase is the biggest, DMX controllable snow machine. It’s equipped with a low noise but powerful air blower and blows snow up to 15 metres!The snow head can be extended with a hose and mounted in a truss. Designed to create a big, realistic and magical snow effect.

MagicFX Snowcase Specifications

  • Length 80 cm
  • Width 60 cm
  • Height 100 cm
  • Weight 81 kg
  • Control DMX / Manual / Standalone
  • Consumables MAGICFX® SNOWCASE – Snow Fluid
  • Consumption Snow Fluid: 1 L/m
  • Capacity 20 l
  • Output 15M

Antari S500 snow machine

The S-500 is a professional silent snow machine for medium and large events. It sits in its flight case on the ground and has a 10m long flexible hose with a nozzle that can be mounted in the truss. This makes it very convenient in your setup. As the machine sits on the ground, weight is not a problem and with a 20 litre tank it has enough capacity for a complete gig.

Antari S500 snow machine Specifications

  • Output: 400 ml / min
  • Tank Capacity: 20 litre Weight: 37.2 Kg
  • Optional: PM-1, Wireless DMX DMX On Board
  • Dimension(mm): 592 x 551 x 651 Output Capacity: 80 cubic metres / min

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